Lorqui Town Hall cheapens road surfacing by using recycled material. Murcia Today 14.09.16

45 per cent savings on the repairs of the Camino de los Naranjos in Lorqui

The Town of Lorquí has renewed its commitment to environmentally friendly policies by deciding that the repairs to the Camino de los Naranjos road will be carried out using recycled materials.

Lorqui Town Hall cheapens road surfacing by using recycled materialThe repairs are a necessary part of the project to improve the drinking water supply in the outlying district of Los Palacios, a kilometre or so north of the town centre, and it is expected that this scheme will be completed by the end of this month.

The current loose earth road surface is constantly at the mercy of the weather, and becomes practically unusable in times of heavy rain. However, it is anticipated that the addition of a layer of artificial ballast provided by the ground-up material removed from the roads in the Saladar industrial estate should stabilize the surface, solving the problem at just over half the originally budgeted cost.

This is only a pilot scheme, but the savings are impressive both in material costs and labour expenses, and if it is successful it is likely to be repeated in other locations, according to councilor Carmen Baños.